Rid Your Property of Unwanted or Dangerous Trees

Rid Your Property of Unwanted or Dangerous Trees

With professional tree removal services in Missoula, MT

Did you know that a dead or decaying tree can reduce the value of your property and also pose a health hazard? Dead trees and leftover stumps should be removed, but you'll need a professional do the job. If you need help now, Affordable Tree Service offers tree removal services in Missoula, MT. We'll make sure the whole tree, including the stump, is gone.

Take advantage of our stump removal services as soon as possible.

Why should you remove that tree or stump?

If you're unsure whether you need our tree removal services, our team can help you make the call. Generally, trees are removed for the following reasons:

  • Safety: A damaged tree that could destroy your property should come down
  • Beauty: A dying trees can become an eyesore and must go
  • Property damage: Invasive roots can tear up your foundation or plumbing
  • Pests or disease: Rotting trees attract rats, termites and other pests

Before we remove a tree or stump, the crew at Affordable Tree Service will assess your landscape to determine the right way to remove it. The safety of your property and all occupants is our top priority when we take down a tree. If you're having a stump removed, we'll make sure it's totally gone and your yard is clean.

Talk to an arborist at Affordable Tree Service about using our stump removal services in Missoula, MT.