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Tree Service in Missoula

It can be difficult to keep your landscape healthy. If one part of your lawn is suffering, other parts will suffer too.

That’s why it is important to make sure the trees on your property are always healthy. A tree requires lots of the earth’s energy to thrive. If part of a tree is unwell, it will hog nourishment for itself and deny it to healthier parts of the tree. Eventually, other parts of the tree will begin to show signs of decay. If left unchecked, the tree could altogether die. This can lead to many problems for your property and poses many risks.

Before you get to this point, why not give Affordable Tree Services a call? We provide tree services ranging from professional tree cabling to tree pruning, tree root protection (or ‘root pruning’) to insect, pest and fungal removal. When necessary we can also perform emergency tree removals.

If the health of your Missoula property’s trees is failing, why not give Affordable Tree Services a call? We will be on site immediately to diagnose the problem. From there we will plan the appropriate course of action and get to work!

The Benefits Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming in Missoula

We know what you’re thinking. You think that tree pruning is excessive, don’t you? You think that tree pruning is a cosmetic procedure for those families who want to have the most extravagant lawn on the block, don’t you?

Tree pruning is actually an effective way to preserve the health of your trees and, as a result, your entire lawn.

How does removing parts of a tree make it healthier, you ask? It sounds counter-intuitive at first, but it is actually quite simple. When Affordable Tree Services prunes a tree, we are removing the tree’s broad and weak branches. If a tree has weak or decaying branches, those branches are taking all the tree’s nourishment for itself. When the unhealthy branches are removed, the rest of the tree can thrive. Pruning will also stimulate tree growth.

If those weak or branches linger for too long, they might fall onto your property. Piles of dead branches, like debris, can attract pests onto your lawn. A more hazardous scenario would be a branch falling onto someone, or a branch blowing off during a storm.

If a tree goes unpruned for too long, many problems could arise. Your tree might eventually die. When that happens, you’ll need to call us for our emergency tree removal services. A dead tree can attract many pests, is at risk of falling, and is generally an eyesore on an otherwise lovely and healthy property.

Stump Removal Services in Missoula

After your tree is removed, you still need to remove the stump. The reason many tree removal services don’t offer to remove your tree’s stump is because it is a very demanding process. Not every company who offers tree removal services has the equipment and expertise to remove a stump, but Affordable Tree Services does.

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